B.Duck appeared at the 31st Shenzhen Gift Fair and attracted wide attention

From October 20 to 23, the 31st Shenzhen Gift Fair opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This event brings together the world's leading gift manufacturing and design companies to present a wonderful visual feast. Among them, the Chinese original IP brand B.Duck Yellow Duck, with its unique charm and creativity, has become the focus of attention at the gift exhibition.

It is understood that this year's Shenzhen Gift Show will join hands with more than 5,500 high-quality brand suppliers, showing 260,000 square meters of exhibition scale, more than 1 million new industry good things; Diversified industrial linkage, for the whole industry to build a more convenient and rich and effective business cooperation platform, bring new products, new trends, new business opportunities, rich procurement options, create unlimited business opportunities. As one of the representatives of China's original IP, B.Duck attracted a large number of industry insiders and tourists to stop and watch with its diversified creative products at the exhibition, and its booth became one of the most popular places on the scene.

At the exhibition, B.Duck brought a variety of creative peripheral products, including stationery, toys, household goods and other categories. These gifts are unique in design, good in quality, practical and ornamental. Whether it is a colorful stationery set, or a fashion personality trend bag, or a delicate and practical cute water cup, the audience can not put down. In addition, B.Duck also carried out cross-border cooperation with a number of well-known brands, integrating the image of the Yellow Duck into the products of these brands, so that the audience can have a deeper understanding of the story and moral behind it, and realize the diversified development of IP.

Of course, in addition to all kinds of gifts, the image of B.Duck is also loved by the audience. Its bright appearance, lovely shape and warm smile make people feel the infinite warmth and joy. Many viewers could not help but take photos at the scene and record this beautiful moment with the lovely B.Duck.
As an important exchange platform for the gift industry, the Shenzhen Gift Fair has always been a stage for global gift manufacturing and design enterprises to show their strength. As one of the representatives of China's original IP, B.Duck showed its strong brand strength and market potential at the gift show. It is these advantages that make B.Duck stand out on the international stage and become a bright star of China's original IP.
At this exhibition, the innovation and uniqueness of B.Duck has won high recognition from the industry and the audience. Its vivid image and creative original design concept not only convey the joy and positive brand value, but also lead the development of the new trend of the domestic gift industry to a certain extent.
In the future, we look forward to seeing B.Duck, an original Chinese IP, continue to uphold the spirit of originality, go abroad, constantly layout overseas markets, and share Chinese culture and creativity with the world. At the same time, we also hope that more original Chinese IP brands can shine on the international stage and bring more unique and personalized choices to global consumers.