Company Profile

Company Profile

In 2005, B. Duck was born. B. Duck is a happy and adventurous duck with a love for travel. It adheres to the "BE PLAYFUL" concept of bringing happiness to everyone, which has also become the brand spirit of B. Duck. In the same year, B. Duck's first product, "Waterproof Radio" was launched, marking the beginning of its retail business.

In 2010, B. Duck began character licensing business. As of now, B.Duck has over 400 authorized products and over 40000 SKUs both domestically and internationally, with a total of over 100 themed mall events and an average of 1.2 million visitors per event, reaching a total of 240 million people in contact.

In 2022, with the strength of character design and license services, B. Duck became the "largest Chinese independent IP in the Chinese character intellectual property authorization market" based on revenue.

In the same year, B.Duck Semk Holdings International Limited (stock code: 02250. HK) was listed on the HKEX’s Main Board.


B.Duck X 陈粉丸 好运鸭先知

During the Chinese New Year, B.Duck collaborated with "90s top paper-cutting artist" Chen Fenwan to create a co-branded project called "Lucky Duck Prophet". Chen's bold and strong paper-cutting style collided with B.Duck's classic image of a little yellow duck, while creatively combining elements such as gourds, ruyi, and the character for "union" to blend traditional Chinese paper-cutting with contemporary art. B.Duck also collaborated with six authorized merchants, including Chow Tai Fook and 18 Paper, to develop more than 30 derivative products covering areas such as home accessories, trendy toys, and outdoor gear, as well as hold offline pop-up events in Shenzhen's Coastal City.

B.Duck little yellow duck joins hands with Chen Fenwan, the trendy IP and paper-cut art collide with
B.Duck X 奈雪の茶 真香鸭

B.Duck partnered with the well-known Chinese new-style tea brand Naixue to launch the theme tea drink "Shitouxiang Treasure Tea" (translated name). In this collaboration, B.Duck transformed into a duck hero with a strong martial arts style to vividly perform the playful tea story of "two ducks meeting fragrance, instantly becoming fragrant ducks", inheriting Chinese tea culture. The event launched co-branded silicone cups, refrigerator stickers, and other associated products, and the theme decorated four Naixue stores in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Shanghai.

B.Duck, the little yellow duck, once again played new tricks across borders, and jointly staged &quo
B.Duck X 第5人格 来追我鸭

B.Duck teamed up with the NetEase-produced competitive mobile game "Identity V" to kick off cross-industry cooperation, where the little yellow duck broke into the estate of Oletus and shattered its usual cute and adorable image. The co-branded event includes in-game costume props, as well as a variety of associated products such as Weird Doll hand-painted figures, Chow Tai Fook co-branded jewelry, and trendy clothing. Additionally, B.Duck and "Identity V" jointly created the first immersive theme room and offline pop-up theme park in Shanghai's Jing'an Joy City.

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck × "Fifth Personality" linkage launched, dual IP to create immers
B.Duck X 和平精英 来海岛玩YA

B.Duck partnered with the popular Chinese competitive mobile game "Game for peace". Both sides collaborated to promote through content marketing platforms for self-media, where the topic of "#和平精英小黄鸭#" climbed into the top ten of Weibo's hot search rankings within a few hours and gained over 300 million exposures. In the same year, the co-branded project made its way onto the stage of the "PEC2020 Game for peace International Championship Cup" event, where B.Duck was honored as " Game for peace 's Best Partner of Three Years."

B.Duck little yellow duck joins hands with x Peace Elite to co-brand, breaking the circle and cooper

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