B.Duck is diversified and cross-border, cultivating China's original IP trend cultural ecology

In recent years, the rise of China's original IP is gradually developing into a force that cannot be ignored. In this trend, the Chinese original IP brand B.Duck Yellow Duck, with its lovely image and popularity, successfully integrated the trend elements across the border, thus leading the development of China's original IP culture.
B.Duck was born in 2005, from a little yellow duck in a bathroom to becoming a popular IP image around the world, B.Duck has successfully captured the love of the public with its cute image and lively personality. In the past few years, the image and story of B.Duck has been continuously enriched, not only in the field of toys, clothing, household goods and other authorized products, but also into the entertainment, games, catering and other industries. For example, B.Duck has become the linkage role of NetEase's competitive mobile game "The Fifth Personality", and launched the first immersive theme room and offline pop-up theme park, which are deeply loved by young consumers.

In addition to authorized cooperation, in the field of new tea drinks, B. Duck has partnered with leading tea brands such as Xicha and Naixue's tea to launch a series of B. Duck themed tea drinks. These tea products are oriented towards the taste of young people, emphasizing the improvement of taste and quality. For example, the launch of new tea drinks such as Naixue Duck Shixiang Milk Tea has made the image of B. Duck closer to the lives of young people, while also conveying the healthy and fashionable lifestyle concept to young consumers. In addition, B. Duck has also taken the opportunity to enter the field of trendy toy economy and has successively launched multiple limited edition trendy toy doll works full of creativity, becoming a new collection for trendy toy enthusiasts.
B. The success of Duck indicates that there is enormous potential and opportunity for the development of Chinese original IP culture. In the context of globalization, Chinese original IP needs to expand brand influence and visibility through continuous innovation and cross-border integration. In the future, we look forward to more IPs being integrated across borders and becoming future cultural phenomena.
B. Duck has become one of the representatives of Chinese original IP through cross-border integration of trendy elements and cross domain cooperation, continuously leading the development of Chinese original IP culture. In the future, we look forward to seeing more Chinese original IP brands learn from and apply this development model, promoting the further development and growth of Chinese original IP culture.